Zeiss eyeglass cleaning kit 30 ml

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Zeiss cleaning kit for glasses 30 ml

This practical, transparent kit contains Zeiss 30 ml cleaning spray for glasses and a microfibre cleaning cloth. The Zeiss cleaning kit can also be used for all kinds of other products, such as binoculars, camera lenses, as well as displays and screens. The kit itself is small and compact, which makes it ideal for travel and the on-the-go lifestyle.
The cleaning spray has a non-abrasive formula that does not affect any eyeglass coatings or surface treatments (such as an anti-reflection coating, UV filters, etc.).

Using the Zeiss Cleaning Kit

First, wipe your glasses with the dry microfibre cloth. This step alone gets rid of most of the dust and particles. Then, apply the cleaning spray to the cloth and thoroughly clean and polish both sides of your eyeglass lenses.

Të dhënat - Zeiss eyeglass cleaning kit 30 ml

Prodhuesit: Carl Zeiss


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