Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric (32 lenses)

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Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric

Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric daily contact lenses are made from a delicate material rich in water and moisturizers. Their parameters are suitable for the correction of hypermetropia (far-sightedness) and myopia (near-sightedness). Their bio-hydrogel lens material is enriched with Algin, an extract from seaweed that greatly enhances the performance of these lenses in a natural way. The lenses have a UV filter and extra thin edges for a perfect fit in any situation. This pack contains 32 daily lenses.

Lenses for sensitive eyes

Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric daily lenses are made from a material called Bio-Hydrogel. This material and the addition of the natural Algin extract greatly benefits your eyes by making the lenses more tolerable and comfortable.

These innovative features result in a contact lens with the ability to bind high amounts of water, with a protective layer that significantly reduces the amount of impurities deposited on the lens.

Extra thin edges

These lenses have a highly improved geometry, with 30% thinner edges than normal daily lenses, ensuring increased comfort while wearing them.

Të dhënat - Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric (32 lenses)

Prodhuesit: Carl Zeiss
BC: 8.80
DIA: 14.20
Paketimi : 32 lente
Mbas sa ditësh ndërrohen?: 1 ditë
Skadenca: 12 muaj dhe më shumë
Përshkueshmëria e oksigjenit: 42 Dk/t
Përmbajtja e ujit: 58%
Dioptri: nga -16.00 tek +8.00
A mund të fle me këto lente natën?: Jo
Materiali i Lenteve: Ocufilcon D
Filtër UV: Po
Filter: Item is medical device: Po
Emri i Produktit: Zeiss Contact Day 1 Spheric


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