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Solution Zeiss All In One Advance 100 ml

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600 Lek

Zeiss All In One Advance multi-purpose lens solution

Zeiss All In One Advance solution is intended for the care of all types of soft contact lenses. It’s particularly effective for contact lenses made from silicone-hydrogel materials, because it can provide them with the ability to bind and retain large amounts of water. This ability is due the solution’s innovative ActiPro component.

ActiPro will even help increase the resistance of the lenses to dirt deposits, make them easier to clean and enhance the overall comfort while wearing them.

All In One Advance contact lens solution is well-suited for sensitive eyes and is also available in a package of 360 ml.

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Prodhuesit: Carl Zeiss
Tipi i Solucionit : Universal
Sasia : 100 ml
Afati i përdorimit: 3 muaj
Ruajtës: Po


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