Gelone 1-day (30 lenses)

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3 200 Lek 2 950 Lek
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Description of Gelone 1-day lenses

One-day silicone hydrogel lenses that provide all-day comfort and perfect vision correction. Enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle with Gelone 1-day lenses.

Thoughtful design

Gelone technology icon Common corneal imperfections can significantly affect the quality of vision, especially with reduced visibility. Gelone 1-day lenses have a front surface adapted to the cornea's minor irregularities and can therefore eliminate unwanted optical aberrations that cause blurred vision or halo effects around light sources. Thoughtful lens design ensures superbly sharp vision in all lighting conditions. In addition, the edges of the lenses are very soft and do not irritate the eyelids.

Exceptional material

Gelone technology icon The naturally wettable material will provide the wearer with exceptional comfort as it helps to retain moisture throughout the day. At the same time, the material provides high oxygen permeability. The combination of these two important factors will ensure every lens wearer all-day comfort and fresh white eyes at the end of the day.

UV filter

Gelone technology icon Gelone 1-day lenses are equipped with a UV filter that protects the eyes from harmful UV rays. Because contact lenses never cover the entire surface of the eye, it is important to combine UV protection with quality sunglasses. Then the UV protection will be complete.

Wearing mode

One-day lenses are generally one of the healthiest forms of contact lens wear. The lens replacement period is one day. The lenses are therefore designed for single use and thus ensure maximum hygiene.

  • TIP - One-day lenses are the perfect choice for allergy sufferers or users with sensitive eyes.

Të dhënat - Gelone 1-day (30 lenses)

Prodhuesit: Gelone
BC: 8.40
DIA: 14.20
Paketimi : 30 lente
Mbas sa ditësh ndërrohen?: 1 ditë
Përshkueshmëria e oksigjenit: 100 Dk/t
Skadenca: 12 muaj dhe më shumë
Përmbajtja e ujit: 54%
Dioptri: nga -12.00 tek +8.00
Emri i Produktit: Gelone 1-day
A mund të fle me këto lente natën?: Jo
Materiali i Lenteve: Stenfilcon A
Filtër UV: Po
Filter: Item is medical device: Po


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